Identifying A Secure Site

Clarke Transport take security seriously. As of May 2018 we have implemented a secure version of our website as the default. This helps to protect your login details as well as helping you to be sure you're really on our website.

Now when you navigate to or you'll be automatically redirected to the HTTPS version.

You can tell you're on our website and not a fraudulent website by looking at the address bar;

In Microsoft Edge, Firefox and Opera a padlock indicates a secure website, Chrome also includes the text "Secure". Internet Explorer is not recommended to be used as it does not provide easy identification of secure websites.

The padlock indicates that a third party has verified our website is genuine and has a provided a certificate that we use as proof.

If you'd like to know more about how we secure your data, please get in touch either by emailing or call us on 0121 552 0701.