Adverse Weather - Scotland Deliveries/Collections

We are expecting major disruption over the next 48 hours due to the adverse weather conditions and road issues within Scotland and Northen England being specifically affected.

Overnight the forecast is for very low temperatures (-2 to -8℃) which will add further problems. All attempts will be made to avoid any delays in moving your freight, however, there could be delays which are out of our control.

ETA's (Estimated Time of Arrival)

As part of our ongoing commitment to road safety, our goal is to ensure no drivers operate any handheld devices, including phones within their vehicles.

As of Monday 24th July 2017 we will no longer call a driver to ascertain ETA's for consignments.

All ETA's will be generated by the driver's route plan that is produced each morning.

These ETA's are to be initially scheduled into 3 hour windows, and are available for you to view on the customer portal and are an estimate based on known information at the time and can be affected by many factors, including delays at previous deliveries and traffic delays etc.